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Qingdao green  spare automobile parts co., LTD is a professional company mainly work on faw liberation Qingdao truck accessories, began in 1995, the company since its inception, always adhere to the "good faith service" business philosophy, adhere to the road of the development of specialization, has now developed into to run the car accessories, car maintenance, car maintenance, auto supplies, and international trade of large professional auto service company.
Relying on FAW Jiefang Qingdao Automobile Co., LTD and various famous parts and accessories factories, the company bases itself on Qingdao, serves the whole country and develops abroad, and has established a perfect sales and service network. The company mainly engages in a variety of goods, such as the heavy truck accessories of The first Automobile Liberation and The heavy truck accessories of the heavy truck, such as the heavy truck accessories of the heavy truck, lube oil, automobile supplies, hardware tools and so on.
We insist on cooperation with famous enterprises, sales of famous quality products, low price to win the market with small profit, adhere to the "harmony, innovation, and feeling warm, such as" service concept, with passion, courteous service to win customers, at the same time, we also set up its own service brand, "kang cheng", "green supplies", has become a famous island city auto parts industry service brand.
The company adheres to the people-oriented principle and strives to realize the three satisfaction principles of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and company satisfaction. We regard employees as the greatest wealth of the enterprise and create a platform for employees to develop together with the enterprise. green Spare parts Company will always adhere to the road of brand development, welcome the majority of customers and our company to negotiate cooperation, to build a famous automotive aftermarket service enterprises. Company profile。